About us

About us

Hi, welcome to Marcez
Marcez is your new favorite international online fashion store with a fast changing product range full of timeless basic essentials and outstanding statement pieces for every budget.

Marcez history
In the early 90’s, my great grandmother owned a small atelier located in a mountain village in Spain, which was called Marcez. In the atelier she made the most amazing dresses for women of all kind out of fabrics with beautiful prints and structures. The stories my mom told me about her when I was a little girl made my love for fashion grow. With my love for fashion and nowadays technology (the internet) I decided to start an online fashion store in 2017, with the prospect of making women feel beautiful and confident like my great grandmother used to do. In order to keep the name in the family, and as a memory to the atelier of my great grandmother, there was only one name that came in mind for this online fashion store. At this exact moment, Marcez.com was born.

Make memories last forever
Since 2017 we have worked hard to become every women’s favorite online fashion store. All around the world, some Instagram’s most appreciated influencers are spotted wearing our items. All of these women are so different but they all have one thing in common; love for fashion. We’d love to see what looks you create and what memories you make wearing the items. Use hashtag #Marcez to show us your unforgettable memories wearing your Marcez items.

What can you expect?
We offer a wide variety of products in our online fashion store; from low priced trendy items, to sustainable quality pieces. Don’t know what suits you best? We are always more than happy to help you finding your best look. Just send us a message via facebook, Instagram or email and we will get in touch! 

You shop, we deliver. We take good care of your package and make sure to deliver a beautiful and well-packed parcel. Follow us at social media and get all the updates about our activities. Use the hashtag #Marcez to get featured.

Lots of love,

team marcez.com