Belted blazer trends

Belted blazer trends

The belted blazer trend. Have you seen him pass by? The belted blazer is worn more and more. It really is the eyecatcher of your outfit. Belted blazers come in so many different sizes, colors, prints and materials. This makes it difficult to find your perfect match. Do you prefer a long belted blazer or just a bit more of an oversized blazer? In this blog we discuss the blazer trends of the moment and how to combine it.

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Long belted blazer

The long belted blazer is one of the most famous blazer of the moment. You will find the long blazer in many different colors and prints. For which occasions is this blazer really perfect to wear and where do we combine it with? The long belted blazer can be worn on many occasions. Do you enjoy going into town with friends, than combine your blazer with a nice bikershort and a pair of black boots. This gives you a striking appearance without giving it to much attention. Also a chic dinner is the perfect opportunity to wear a long blazer. Go for matching pants to create a whole look!

Belted blazer dress

This belted dress is really recommended. This blazer dress really is an outfit to wear to the best parties. The blazer dress with belt often falls just above the knees. What do we match this blazer with? If you like to shine, then definitely go for the over the knee boots. Match your blazer with a pair of over the knee boots and your outfit is complete. Of course this is not the only option we have. A nice pair of sneakers also look great under the belted blazer dress. Wear the outfit for a fun day of shopping.

Oversized belted blazer

Everyone must have a good oversized blazer in their closet. If you don’t have it, you know exactly which one to buy after reading this blog. Many women wear a men’s model when we talk about the oversized belted blazer. Now the blazer is made in such a way that it can also be found in the women’s department. Oversized belted blazers come in many different colors. A black belted oversized blazer is definitely recommended at the moment. The blazer is easy to combine with a boyfriend jeans and a white T-shirt. Bikershorts are also nice to wear under the oversized blazer.

Belted wrap blazer  

The belted wrap blazer, a blazer that is slightly different than others. The belted wrap blazer has a different closure. As the word says “wrap” you will be wrapped in the blazer. The blazer with belt is often worn in combination with a miniskirt. You also come across the dress a lot on special occasions. The blazer can also be worn as a dress, because many belted wrap blazers are long. Highly recommended!

Leather belted blazer

Leather pants, leather boots, leather bags and now we also have the leather belted blazer. This leather blazer gives you a tough look. A blazer you can wear to any occasion. Combine this blazer with a white tee, blue denim jeans en nice white ankle boots. De leather belted blazer is an real eye-catcher. Keep the base of your look simple so the blazer gives your outfit the final touch.

Strap belted blazer

This strap belted blazer is different than any other blazers. It has a band instead of a belt. The band is often already attached to the blazer and in some cases not. This blazer with a tie gives a different look than a blazer with a belt. This strap belted blazer gives you the ultimate summer feeling.

Certainly enough blazers to choose from. Lets get started with combining your looks. Need more inspo? Follow us on Instagram @marcez_official or take a look at our blazers at the site.