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How to wear culottes

How to wear culottes

We have to thank the American cowboys for our new favorite fashion piece: the culottes! The straight cut trousers with wide legs are back in fashion and we love it. These pants can be styled comfy or boho and there are many design pieces to choose from. We show you a few babes who know how to deal with the cool culottes trend.

Comfy casual

Just want to see if culottes are the clothing piece for you? A black & white combi is the perfect save bet. This beauty keeps her outfit simple and comfortable. But because of the flowy looking pants she doesn’t even look boring! A pair of platform sneakers give her the long leg illusion. Nice choice babe 😉

Boho vibes

Which clothing piece do you need the most during your holiday? The culotte trousers of course! The shiny sun will give you the opportunity to style these cool pants into a boho look. An off shoulder top or knotted blouse are always perfect to create a bohemian inspired outfit. Sunglasses, a straw bag and cute sandals will make your look complete!

Cool girl

To give the feminine culottes a cool touch, you can pair it with a suede biker jacket or fake leather jacket. Do you love playing around with styles and such? Wear it with a basic T-shirt and style is with some high heels. Rock this outfit by wearing it with a layered necklace and statement bracelet.

Legs for days

Culottes are known to not be the most ideal pants for short ladies. But that isn’t true. You just have to know which design to pick! Choose to go with a vertical striped one. Wear it with a cute crop top and leave a little belly skin showing. Style it with some heels and the legs for days effect is created. You’ll look so much taller!

The culottes give you lots of style options. If you aks us, we’ll say it’s an essential wardrobe piece. How would you style these trendy pants? Let us know in the comments!

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