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How to wear the cycling shorts

How to wear the cycling shorts

America is already a step ahead of the latest fashion trend. We would like to introduce you to a typical case of a hate it or love it fashion item. Maybe you noticed the cycling already at big influencers. The reality star Kim Kardashian started this trend and that produced remarkable pictures! How do you combine these shorts, leggings or cycling shorts? Read below!

Comfortable shorts

I can already hear you thinking: ” The cycling shorts are actually made for cyclists right? ”. That’s right, but nowadays we wear this comfortable leggings as everyday clothes. Most ladies cycling shorts are made of viscose and elastic. It shapes your body exactly in the areas where you want it! In addition, you can also exercise in it, handy right?

Outfit 5

Stay basic black

Half leggings are seen in all colors and sizes. Go for the basic look and choose a black cycling short, black is always a good idea right?

Combine this for example with a black t-shirt and oversized blazer! You’ll create a cool and sporty look at the same time, a versatile pair of pants! Finish your outfit with eye-catching jewelry and you’re good to go!

Give me prints!

We also see the cycling shorts in many different prints! Think of cycling shorts with leopard print, neon cycling shorts or cycling shorts with text.

Combine the striking pants with an oversized sweater or crop top in the same print/color. To finish the outfit you can wear a Fanny pack. These are ideal outfits for a festival, day of shopping or evenings out with the girls!

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The upcoming cycling short is a versatile sports shorts and fashion item at the same time! Shop this must-have item now and combine it endlessly! We love this new fashion trend!