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Influencer of the month Februari Sidney

Influencer of the month Februari Sidney

It’s already February! The cold days are still in full swing. So it’s time to introduce the inspiring babe of February Sidney Holleman to you. Of course we know this 22-year-old blonde lady from her changing and inspiring Instagram feed. Get to know her better!

The beginning

Sidney entered the influencer world about a year ago. “I’ve thought about it a lot to start as an influencer but never really dared.” She took the step and now we see nice content every day.

Summer please?

People who know Sidney well would immediately know that summer is her favorite season. On her bucket list we find many summer vacation wishes. “I want to go to curaçao with my grandmother, make a long vacation with my boyfriend and eventually move abroad.” Told Sidney.

“I love the weather, the beach, swimming pool, reading and walking through the city. Unfortunately, I don’t have so much time for traveling around the world because of school, work and my internship.

Prints, prints and more prints!

We see a lot of prints coming back on the colorful feed from Sidney. She mixes her clothes in a way that we don’t see often. “I think I really have my own style in terms of clothing. I don’t see the combinations that I make with clothes often! “So if you see prints, you will see Sidney!

It is clear that Sidney doesn’t have a specific clothing style. “If you compare me to a dog I am a trash cistern,” Sidney said.


We can learn a lot from this inspiring babe. For example, her poses are different every time. Where does she get this inspiration today? Fortunately, Sidney likes to share her secret with us, it’s princess Diana! “I already thought she was fantastic as a child and when I got older I found her even more special ” Said Sidney.

New ideas

The most influencers wear the latest trends and some other influencer go one step further. Sidney has many new ideas about new trends she currently lacks in stores. “I think of a nice leather suit, Afghan jackets, a long dress till the ankles with a turtleneck and crocheted pants with ruffles.” Said Sidney.

As future plans, she hopes to be able to set up her own clothing line with her own brand, let’s do it girl!

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