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Influencer of the month January Lisanne

Influencer of the month Lisanne

Happy new year babes! It’s 2019 and we start the year with the inspiring babe Lisanne sosef! This twenty-year-old lady mixes all the trends into a fabulous look! Get to know her!

The beginning

Lisanne started cleaning up her Instagram feed two years ago. “Since then I wanted to inspire people and take lots of photos”. Until today, her photos are followed by more than 10k followers.

Good intentions

A new year means new good intentions, agree? We can already tell you that Lisanne is not averse to one doughnut, two maybe or three? Of course she wants to reduce this, we wish you good luck girl!

Life as an influencer can be quite tough because you have to be active all the time. “If you don’t feel right or you feel down, you should be active as well. That is why I must think more about myself this new year and be less perfectionist. “Lisanne says.

Mixing trends

To be perfectionistic, however, is a good thing for Lisanne. She never sticks with a clothing style. Preferably mix and match everything together into something original. “It is very difficult to be original on Instagram now but I always try to stay close to myself and really wear what suits me”.

Winter vibes

We are in the favourite season of Lisanne, winter! She prefers to wear more winter clothing than summer clothing. With her oversized sweaters, printed trousers and thousands of shoes (too many to count) she shoots the perfect picture!


At this moment we see a lot of photos passing by in Delft, the home of Lisanne. But we also have spotted the beautiful photos of Bali! We see in capital letters ‘MANY TRAVELING’ on lisanne’s bucket list.Outside of Instagram, she prefers to travel with the people who are close to her. She doesn’t have a specific place because she wants to see so many places in the world. “I prefer to wake up by the sea, listen to the sea and stare at the sky all day long. “Told Lisanne.

Are you uninspiring? Then take a look at the Instagram of this inspiring girl and discover all the mixed trends in a row!