Influencer of the month June Claire Pronk

June! As you can see in the title of this blog, Claire Pronk is the influencer of this month! We asked this 21-year old girl from Amsterdam everything you want to know about her.

From personal to 10K in a year

‘I started switching my personal Instagram account to a fashion account about a year ago. A friend of mine already had a fashion account and I was very curious. I’ve always liked fashion and styling and saw this as the ultimate opportunity! My goal was to reach 10k followers within a year and I made it!’ Claire always stays true to herself on het Instagram, she only collaborates with brands that fit with her style and personality. She is a big fan of Negin Mirsalehi, ‘I think she is a beautiful woman and het outfits are really amazing. On her page you can see that she is a family person, I like that, because I’m big on familily too.’

Future plans

Claire has big plans for her Instagram. ‘My goal this year is to hit 25K followers. It would also be super cool to work with big brands.’ Soon, things are going to change on Claire her Instagram, but she doesn’t want to spill to much yet. ‘It’s going to be something with video’s and giving my followers even more ideas about how to style different items.’

One thing is for sure, Claire had a nice summer coming. ‘I’ve planned to go to some festivals:Β Open Air, Heaven Outdoor, Latin Village and more which I haven’t planned yet. I’d also like to go on a trip to Barcelona!’


Claire’s favorite trend of this moment? We can see it al over het Instagram: ‘the color lilac, really love it! I love many trends from the earlier days. They all come back in a different way which makes them modern and original!’ She also loves fanny packs, because you van wear them in many different ways.

Claire her style is a mix between feminine and though. With 20 skirts in her closet, she can dress up very girly, but on the other hand, she prefers sneakers over high heels. ‘My ultimate to-go outfit is a jeans, a comfy sweater, my Ysl bag and my Nike Tekno sneakers. They are just so comfortable that I almost never wear other shoes.’


Lately, Claire is a bit less active on Instagram because she is busy with her study fashionstyling at the Akademi Voque. In her spare time she loves to hang out with her boyfriend and friends. Eating good food for example. ‘Sometimes a bit too much, but I try to workout at least three times a week.’ Claire likes to run with her dog Juno, and we can imagine that working out is a lot more fun when your dog accompanies you!

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