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Influencer of the month March Laurel Vuijk

Influencer of the month March Laurel Vuijk

O eventhough it feels like December just ended… it is March already! What means one thing… or actually two. Get to know our influencer of the month and… We’re getting closer to Spring!! For the 19 years old Laurel @laurelvuijk, it can’t go fast enough.


Laurel can’t precisely remember when she started with making content for Instagram. ‘Since i can remember, i enjoyed doing it.’ This is absolutely her favorite thing to do. She loves fashion and to combine it with making photographs. ‘I actually like editing more’ says Laurel.

The perfect day

Laurel shares her most favorite outfits on a daily basis. where her loyal followers, 12k by now, always respond enthusiastically. On Instagram we see beautiful shoot locations, mostly in Dordrecht. If she had to choose between the city or nature, nature would win.

“The perfect day for me is, good weather and going to the beach.” Shopping can not be missed in the perfect day of Laurels, she likes to finish the day together with friends and grab some foodies. “Doing things with friends is really important to me!” Says Laurel.

Classy or sassy?

What fashion concers, this  babe is summerproof with her favorite items. She likes to wear skirts and dresses. “A white dress can not be missed in my wardrobe,” Laurel says.

This fashion junk describes her clothing style as different. Despite her love for dresses and skirts, Laurel also likes a badass look.“I think Vans are really nice!” “So, classy or sassy …” Marcez is a fan. Speaking of those shoes … Certainly not only Vans … She counts a total number of a modest 34 shoes! Oops


We are wondering, where Laurel gets all that inspiration from, her insta feed makes us jealous. “I absolutely love Claartje Rose” she says. If you do not know her; Claartje Rose is an influencer who mainly shares her daily outfits and trips to different countries.

What Laurel likes the most about Instagram is that you’re doing a creative job “every time is different, a challenge!” She says. ‘Besides creating content, I get in touch with a lot of new people’.

Laurels favorites

Do you like Laurels style as much as we do, check her favorite items from Marcez below. What a lovely selection!

PS: At Marcez we are always looking for girls who share the same passion for fashion as we do! Are you a fashion freak and do you like the Marcez collection? Send us an email with your motivation and get the chance to become the next Marcez ambassador!

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