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Influencer of the month Milou

Oops, it’s November again ladies! The dark and cold days are there again. Our inspiring girl of this month is the always cheerful Milou Hendriks. She inspires her 9k followers and us secretly for a long time. Get to know this babe!

Photos, photos and just photos

Click, click! The sound that this babe prefers to hear. “I have a big passion for photography, I’ve been photographing since I was 15.” Instagram is the platform to share this passion. At the end of 2017, Milou took her first steps as an influencer. But Milou doesn’t like that word. “I don’t really like the word influencer, I take pictures because I like it and I want to inspire other people,” says Milou.


Where does this fashion babe get her inspiration from? “One word: PINTEREST.I can spend hours searching for photos. Not just for Instagram, but also for photography, decorating, eating, you name it! “Told Milou very clearly.


Favourite item from Milou’s wardrobe? That is a difficult question :). “Black, grey and white dominate in my closet” says Milou. But we see many styles back on her Instagram feed. The sturdy Daily paper pants with a white turtleneck and her favourite Dr Martens are must-haves. But … “Heels, yes High heels! They can’t be missed. With my size I wear regular heels. “. Just a little female touch!


The beautiful composition of smiles and her stylish look makes Milou so nice! Every week she receives new collaborations, we understand that! “The first collaboration was very cool!I couldn’t believe a company would send me some stuff.I didn’t even know that it worked that way! “Says Milou. “This is why Instagram can quickly become dominant, Milou tries this to neutralize. When she meets up with friends in a museum, she looks at the art. Is there time for a photo? Then she makes one, otherwise she doesn’t.

World of Instagram

At the moment there are many fashion babes who share the same passion through Instagram. Milou has even made real friendsthrough Instagram. She tells us that she likes to meet new people, “we share a passion for fashion and that’s great.” In the future she would like to meet many other Instagram babes.

Keep going like this girl!

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