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Influencer of the month December Danique

Influencer of the month December Danique

Yes! The coldest and most cozy month is there again, December it is! That’s why it’s time to introduce our inspiring babe to you. Danique van der Wel is 20 years old, lives in Rotterdam and is the inspiration for her loyal 2,3k followers on Instagram. Get to know this babe!

From the beginning

The love of fashion has always been there, but it didn’t come out. Before Danique’s Instagram adventure, she was only focused on buying clothes. ” Now I am more involved with Instagram, I look more around me. I’m always looking for nice locations to take pictures. ” Told Danique. In addition to her Communication study she can think for hours about the kind of photos she wants to make.

Danique always liked photography, she use her creativity with it. ” I started to post more and more on Instagram and around January this year my first collaboration started, that is not so long ago. I realized, this is something I want invest my time into.

Life of an influencer

Strikingly, Danique is a super fan of Anna Nooshin. The first press event where she was invited for was the launch of a perfume. Weird cocktails and snacks with seaweed, she let it all came to her. When her big inspiration Anna Nooshin walked in, she realized how nice it is to be an influencer. In the future, she hopes for even more social contacts with influencers.

I do not give up

We don’t often see Danique and her passion for animals. With her three horses and a dog, she finds the peace she needs. ” Sometimes no Instagram is nice too ” The Instagram algorithm is a weird thing, this also applies to Danique. She tells us that it’s almost impossible to grow as a small influencer. “If only a very small percentage of my followers see my messages,why am I doing it yet? But I will never give up, I have to work a little harder for everything. “We are proud!

Mix and match

Sweet, relaxed and down to earth, but Danique is the opposite with her clothing style. From the dead sneakers trend to her favorite chunky boots, she mixes everything into a beautiful outfit! She describes her clothing style ‘trendy’. “Even if a trend doesn’t seems to fit me at first glance, I try to combine it so that it suits me.” Something that should not be missing from Danique’s wardrobe is her vintage levi’s jeans. The vintage levi’s jeans can be combined in many ways and are also great to wear!


“In 10 years I will be 30, wow haha.” It sounds far away but for Danique absolutely not, she prefers to plan her entire future and work towards it. After completing her study in communication, she hopes to combine her knowledge as a graphic designer. she also hopes in 10 years that she is one of the big influencers. “There is a long way to go but everyone in my surroundings believes in me!” Danique says.

Are you also a starting influencer and do you share this passion with Danique? Then our inspiring babe has a great tip!

“Do you ever doubt? Have faith in yourself and go for it! So I mean, put your naughty shoes on and send the company you want to work with, an e-mail! “