Spring Trends 2020

Lente Trends 2020

Spring is Coming again. And what do we prefer more than a blog full of tips about Spring trends 2020? Spring is always stressful when we talk about our clothes, because we ask ourselfs what we need to buy this year? What can we expact for the new decade? From now on you don’t have to worry any longer. From Neon colors to the new Bra trends, everything will be discussed until the last detail! Enjoy reading an find out what suits your style perfectly!

Neon Colors

When we talk about Neon we go back in the days. Back in the days it was normal to wear pink leggings or Yellow headbands. In the past couple of years this changed. But don’t worry because neon is coming back on the streets. Neon T-shirts, Neon Turtlenecks, Neon Bikershorts. Everything is Neon again in the Spring of 2020. Combining Neon isn’t that easy to do. Go for the total look. Wear Neon on Neon. You can also choose for a black Bikershort, a pink Neon Tee and a tough leather Jacket Make space between your grey items, because Neon is coming!

Beha- Trends

The Bra. You normally wear a bra as a part of your lingerie, but that is all going to change. The bra is gradually becoming a real piece of clothing that can be seen when we wear it. The bra will also become a trend in the spring of 2020. Lace bras, Velvet bras, satin bras. We are going to run into everything. It of course is difficult for you to figure how to combine this into a total look. However, there are many different options. You can wear the bra with a blue denim boyfriend jeans and an oversized blazer. You can also wear the bra underneath a denim jacket or other types of jackets. From now on you can show it!

Midi dress

Midi dresses come in many different colors, prints, models and materials. The midi dress has been back in fashion for a few years now, including the upcoming spring. The midi dress can be combined in many different ways. Wear it with leather biker boots, a nice mini bag and your outfit is finished. Sneakers also work very well with the midi dress. A nice pair of white sneakers are always perfect to combine with the midi dress. For the colder days you can combine the midi dress with a black leather jacket.

Midi Skirt

From the midi dress we continue to the midi skirt. The midi skirt has been a trend since 2019. The satin midi skirt in particular is very popular. Midi skirts come in different prints and materials. That is why the midi skirt is doing a great job in the fashion world. The Leopard print is one of the most common ones that you will see on the streets. A midi skirt with print can be combined with a basic oversized tee and nice black biker boots.

Oversized blazer

The oversized blazer, who doesn’t know him. The oversized blazer can be matched with any outfit. Wear simple trousers with a T-shirt, throw an oversized blazer above it an your look is complete. The black oversized blazer is especially common, The oversized blazer is suitable for all occasions. For example, wear it to work or when you go out for a day. Add nice accessories to your outfit, this makes your look even more brilliant.

The Transparent look

The transparent look is very daring for many of us, but don’t worry because there are enough options to combine this new trend. Whether you go for a transparent T-shirt of a transparent jacket, everything is posssible in the spring of 2020. Transparent clothing is highly recommended for the upcoming festivals.


With spring coming, we can’t wait to put that winter coat back in the closet. The trenchcoat is again a trend for the spring of 2020. Different colors, materials and prints. We recommended the beige trenchcoat. This trenchcoat is nice to combine with a Fanny bag.

Oversized & Ruffle blouses

The white blouse is an item that never goes out of style, However, a new trend of the blouse is coming out every year. This spring we will see the oversized and ruffle blouses. Oversized blouses are perfect to wear if you want to sit on a terrace or strol through the streets of your favorite city. An oversized white blouse is easy to combine. Wear it with a nice waist belt. Jewelry and hair accessories do make a good look with the oversized blouse. You don’t have to add much to your outfit without creating a striking look.

Then of course we have the white ruffle blouse. Ruffles provide a slightly more striking look than any other white blouses. Ruffles are certainly not new to the fashion world. This trend has been going on for a few years now. We will see this trend in the spring of 2020. The white ruffle blouse is nice to combine with a pair of denim jeans. Wear nice heels and your good to go!

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