Sunglasses trends 2020

Sunglasses trends 2020

New season, new sunglasses. You will find matching sunglasses for every occasion. Every year we wear down one or two pairs of sunglasses. Then, of course it is handy to buy some new pair of sunglasses before 2020. However, it is difficult to choose because the sunglasses trends come and go. From cat-eye models to going back in te 90s, everything comes by. After reading this blog you know exactly what trends are in the field for 2020. Go read the sunglasses trends 2020!

Cat-eye sunnies

The cat-eye sunglasses are a real statement piece. It is a striking pair of glasses that you see coming in many different colors. The cat-eye sunglasses come in large and small sizes. The name cat-eye stands for the pointed model of the glasses. The pointed sunglasses are a must for anyone who likes a fashionable look.

Big and square

You almost always see him passing by, the large&square sunglasses. Of course, a small frame is the safest option to wear, but we see the square sunglasses pushing the old trend from its throne. What you do need top keep in your thoughts is that these sunglasses are really big. If you have a smal face it will dissapear behind de glasses. But when do we wear these square sunglasses? Go for a striking beach look or wear the sunglasses during a day under the sun.

Transparent & Colored

Seeing life through colored glasses, who doesn’t want that? The transparent colored sunglasses are the trend of the moment. Striking glasses that you can find in all colors. Yellow sunglasses, Pink sunglasses, Blue sunglasses etc. The sunglasses are completely transparent so your eyes are clearly visable. In addition, it is always good to add some color to your look. You do not wear these sunglasses every day, so alternate with other sunglasses. Create a striking festival look with the transparent and colored sunglasses. Unpack nicely and don’t be afraid to wear this look!

90s sunglasses

The 90s. We increasingly see the fashion trends of the pat coming back. Now also the sunglasses trends from the 90s. This sunglasses are not everyone’s favorite, but they keep coming back every year. It is a beautiful and subtle frame. The glasses of the 90s sunglasses are often tinted. This gives an extra touch to your appearance. We often see big names walking by with the 90s sunglasses. Take for example Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. People from the fashion world who rock these sunglasses. The sunglasses are perfect to wear for a day of shopping. Add some nice details to your look and you’re good to go.


The word Tortoise stands for the shield of a turtle in English. The print has a brown with black spotted appearance. Hence the name. Tortoise is the most common print when we talk about sunglasses. It is certainly not a new trend. This print has been around in the fashion world for decades. The print can be found on al types of sunglasses. From cat-eye to round sunglasses. Do you like oversized sunglasses or a cat-eye look, no problem. You can find these Tortoise sunglasses in all kinds of models. The Tortoise sunglasses can be matched with almost everything. Whether you wear a basic look or a very striking look, it doesn’t matter.

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