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Trend alert pearl hairclips

Trend alert parel haarclips

The scrunchie-trend is still going strong and we can already see new hair trends appearing. Chic hairclips and hair scarfs with print! We can still remember the hairclips from when we were kids and we are enthusiastic about its return!  Hairclips from Gucci and Chanel, but also other hairclips are all over Instagram. In this trend alert pearl hairclips bog, we will show you how to wear this trend and we will link our favorite budget hairclips.

Chic hairclips, but also slide pins, are already a big trend on social media. This trends grows so rapidly that we can’t ignore it. The hair trend is super cute but also handy! Pearl hairclips keep your hair out of your face, which is handy and elegant. Perfect for your next beach day or your festival! Vintage hair pins can be worn on both sides of the face for an elegant look. Or go for an outstanding look and wear a hairclip with pearls!  The blog Nsmbl also noticed our pearl hairclip! Read their blog on

We can’t get around it; you need a fancy hairclip this festival season! Don’t want to pay 350 dollars for a hairclip you might lose? We’ve collected some budget pearls for you! We’re fan! Are you?