Trend Talk – Animal prints, Silk dresses and Dad sneakers

Trend Talk - Animal prints, Silk dresses and Dad sneakers

It’s been a while, but we have a cool new Trend Talk for you guys! In this edition we will tell you everything you want to know about the favorite trends of it-girls  Tess Maria, Milou Tjioe and Iris Kisjes. What do we expect of this trend? How do you combine it? What are our favorite items? So, want to know more about animal prints, silk dresses and dad sneakers? Read this new Trend Talk – Animal prints, Silk dresses and Dad sneakers!

Animal prints – Tess Maria

Yup. We cannot get around it anymore; animal prints are everywhere!  Zebra, leopard, panther en even snake print! We see these prints in clothing but also in accessories! Our favorite? The snake print fanny pack! A mix of two of our favorite trends! We often see that prints are combined, but our tip when talking about animal prints; keep it cool! Let the item with animal print be the eye-catcher of your outfit. Combine snake print trousers for example with a neutral colored sweater and biker boots. Or combine a blouse with leopard print with a high rise straight leg jeans. We expect this trend to stay a while, so an item with animal print belongs in your closet!

Silk dresses – Milou Tjioe

Silk or silk look-a-like, we see this trend more and more. Milou Tjioe also noticed this trend and told us that it is her favorite trend of the moment, more specifically, silk dresses. We at Marcez can’t get enough of this trend either, the beautiful smooth fabric doesn’t need much more to give you a chic look. We love to combine a silk dress with beautiful gold jewelry and heels when we have a fancy event. But for a more casual look, we often combine a silk dress just with a pair of boots. On the hunt for more silk items? Silk scarfs with print are also a big hit at Marcez headquarters! Wear them around your neck or in your hair for a cool it-look!

Dad sneakers – Iris Kisjes

We already talked about the Dad sneaker trend in a previous Trend Talk, but this trend is still hor! Iris told us that the Dad sneaker trend and the previous mentioned snake-print trend, are her two favorites. You can combine the Dad sneakers with all your favorite items. Dad sneakers are cool with an item like a long dress, but also with some cool ripped jeans!

We didn’t know what to think of this trend at first, but our heads are turned! Besides that they look cool with almost every outfit, they are also super comfy!

Combine your Dad sneakers with these Marcez items!