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Trend Talk – Ugly sneakers, Dr. Martens and oldschool T-shirts

Trend Talk – Ugly sneakers, Dr. Martens en oldschool T-shirts

Who are always right on time to pick up the coolest fashion trends? Yes, we are indeed talking about influencers! This time we asked it-girls Quinty, Carmen and Bo to tell us a bit more about their favorite trends. Want to know more about dad sneakers, cool boots and vintage looking tops? Read our Trend Talk – Ugly sneakers, Dr. Martens and oldschool T-shirts!

Ugly sneakers – Quinty Wegbrans

Shoe world is wide awake! The new shoe trend, ugly sneakers, made it happen! Ugly sneakers? Yes, you hear that right! These shoes have a super thick sole and not so subtile details to create a chunky design. Everything great is made in the nineties and the dad sneakers are a great example. And Quinty loves them!

Combining these ugly sneakers with a jeans is a save bet. Quinty loves to style these shoes next level. A suit (another cool trend of this season!) and skirt can easily be combined with the new trend. Quinty styles her dad sneakers with some cute socks to create a fashionable vibe. Combinations we can’t even think about is what Quinty lives for and we love it!

Dr. Martens – Carmen Mattijssen

Carmen is a girl which doesn’t follow the trends. But something she loves right now, are the cool Dr. Martens boots. Perfect to wear to a festival or even just as an everyday shoe. We already spotted a lot of babes with these awesome boots. They are super easy to style and they create such fashionable looks.

Carmen fell in love with the black boots, but she’s secretly in love with the white ones too. These beauties give you look and instant summer vibe. Style your Dr. Martens with a cute looking dress or skirt to spice up your outfit. But they even look super good underneath some hot pants or denim jeans. Need some inspiration? Carmen knows how the handle these cool boots!

Oldschool T-shirts – Bo Brown

Bo is also a big fan of the dad sneakers! She likes to style them, just like Quinty, with a feminine suit. But she wears a cool T-shirt underneath it. The trends of the ’90s take the modern fashion world over. Let us know if you feel the same! But we don’t complain at all ; )

Oldskool brands are more then welcome in the T-shirt scene and even cute tees in the same style are super cool! A minimalist design with an inspiring quote or a oversized tee are this season’s must haves! Combine those with a pastel pink or baby blue suit and your old school T-shirt will definitely steal the show. But even a cute skirt or denim jeans are perfect to style with these kind of tops. Bo rocks!

How cool are all of the fashion items these babe recommended to us?! Do you already know how to style your ugly sneakers, Dr. Martens and oldschool T-shirts? Please let us know in the comments!

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